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Ciggy's Cigarettes[]

Ciggys is a brand of cigarettes that can be found across the island in Sludge Life.

The Ciggy logo

They are a subsidiary of Glug, the megacorporation that owns various other companies on the island. Smoking is a habit taken up by a majority of the citizens around the sludge; packs of Ciggys cigarettes can be found in apartments, factories and retail stores.

There are many Ciggys cigarette packets strewn across the map. You will need to collect cigarettes to install the Ciggy app for Ghost's computer. Smoking 20 cigarettes will earn you the achievement Tribute to Ciggy.

To smoke a Ciggy, press C.

Ciggy's Mascot[]

Through a series of misfortunate events, the Ciggy brand mascot was crushed by the head of a statue outside the Glug Tower, consequentially triggering a series of protests and worker strikes.

The worker strikes cause the Glug-owned enforcers "Clops" to become inactive - this allows taggers like Ghost to graffiti the island, triggering the start of the game.