Sludge Life Wiki

The Sound Track was made by Doseone and was published on Spotify. Every song can be heard emanating from the various radios found throughout the game. The soundtrack consists of 41 songs:

  1. "Boot up". This song plays on the first time you open the menu after booting up the game and is the shortest song, having 9 seconds of length.
  2. "Glug Sucks". It plays besides the docks warper and Warper Tech.
  3. "Climbing Pipe" Plays on the Right side of room 302 in the Apartment Complex and besides the Stacker 01 Warper.
  4. "Mosca Mosca Mosca". This is Mosca's theme, having "Mosca Mosca Mosca" and fly noises playing throughout the song.
  5. "Nothing works" Plays inside Glug's Locker room.
  6. "Island Fever" It plays inside the Controller room.
  7. "Tia Knows Best" This is Tia's Theme.
  8. "All Dusk Everything" Plays on the East side of Chemico, besides the Warm Machine installer disc.
  9. "Hi Frog Eye" Plays inside the hangar besides High Frog.
  10. "B Boys Revenge" Plays on the entrance to the Apartment Complex, next to two Break Dancers.
  11. "Ll Cool Hans" This is Hans' theme and plays on top of the Hangar.
  12. "Bass Water"
  13. "Sedative Express" Plays on a Carrier Boat South from Comms.
  14. "Double Double" This is Double Double's theme, having "Double Double" repeating over with a strange sound to it. It plays on the basketball court and Double Double's apartment (room 207).
  15. "The Whistler" It plays on the top floor of the Hangar and is whistled by the whistler.
  16. "Big Mud Don't Sleep" This is Big Mud's Theme.
  17. "Ghost Phone Home" This is Ghost's Theme, it plays inside Ghost's shipping crate and you can hear the tagging sound effect during the song.
  18. "Uzzi Does It" This is Uzzi's theme, having a "chaotic sound" reflecting his personality.
  19. "Dryer Trier" Plays inside the drying machine on the apartment complex.
  20. "Zoomed out" This song plays when you consume a Zoom and inside the room 206 in the Apartment Complex.
  21. "Burgermon" It plays at the Burgermon.
  22. "Toxic Environment"
  23. "Eyes Out" This plays during the weird ending sequence.
  24. "Ghost Whip the CEO Ship" This plays during the good ending.
  25. "Life Loop Blues" Plays on every Life Loop station.
  26. "Bubble Up" One of Big Mud's songs, it plays in the room 202 in the Apartment Complex.
  27. "Sludge Life" One of Big Mud's songs.
  28. "No Friends: Sad Boy II"
  29. "Big Jump: Sad Boy II"
  30. "Slug Eater: Sad Boy II" Plays in a radio in the sludge, South from the abandoned building.
  31. "Dumbed: Sad Boy II"
  32. "Ocarina of Mud: Sad Boy II" Plays outside of the Comms room, close to a Zoom spot.
  33. "Talking Cat Myth: Sad Boy II"
  34. "King Eyes: Sad Boy II" This is King Eyes' theme.
  35. "Choir of One: Sad Boy II" Plays inside the the abandoned building.
  36. "Young Hollow: Sad Boy II" Plays on the outside of Chemico, near the Chemico 01 Warper
  37. "Drip Watcher: Sad Boy II"
  38. "Going Under: Sad Boy II"
  39. "Toilet Snake: Sad Boy II"
  40. "Run off: Sad Boy II"
  41. "IN Flight: Sad Boy II"