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To start the bad ending you'll need to go into the bunker southeast from Chemico, pass through lasers and push the button that detonates the bomb. To pass through the laser you'll need to block it with an item, such the Warper, but Ghost's PC works as well.


After the bomb explodes the game will shut down. After you boot it up again two windows will pop up, one saying "Error loading save File corrupted" and another saying "Try to recover corrupted file?" with the options "yes" and "No". Pressing "Yes" will cause a window saying "Recovering save" and a percentage bar going up, after that another window will pop up saying "Save successfully recovered Rebooting" and a countdown, after that the game will go back to normal. Pressing "No" will cause another window to appear, saying "Are you sure? All progress will be lost" with the options "Yes" and "No", pressing "Yes" will cause the game to shut down but will not erase your progress and booting up the game again this process repeats, pressing "No" will cause the window to disappear.

The Bad Ending.jpg