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To get the good ending, you'll need to get into the Glug CEO's room. There are two ways to do this:

The first way is to go to Chemico 2 and bounce off of the pink trampoline, then glide down onto the balcony.

The second way is to get into Glug Tower and climb all the way upstairs. Go up the elevator to the CEO's office and press the secret button under his desk. A bookshelf will open to reveal a staircase that leads to his room.

After this, you will find a door that closes if you get too close to it. Anchor the warper on the X on the floor right in front of the door, open it and teleport there. Climb up the ladder to the top and you'll find the CEO's escape pod. Get inside by crouching and press the red button to enter it and begin the good ending. Pressing the button will start the autopilot sequence. The ship will fly around the Island, you can see Hans' middle finger in the basketball court. Once the ship reaches Chemico, it will close its doors, speed up and go through a white light, then the Credits will play.


"A way out" implies that by leaving the island, Ghost can have a better life.